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Company Profile

JULIET COMPANIES is a locally owned and operated, full-service development company based in Las Vegas, Nevada with extensive experience in the development, construction, and management of residential and commercial real estate.  Since 1986 the principals have been responsible for developing, constructing, and owning numerous housing developments, apartment complexes, office buildings, industrial buildings, and retail properties.

Until 1997 Juliet, through its predecessor companies, was primarily involved in the home-building industry, delivering approximately 2,000 units per year between its operations in Southern Nevada, Colorado, and Utah.  In 1997, the company shifted its primary focus to the development of income-producing property in Southern Nevada, under the name of JULIET COMPANIES.  The intent of the principals’ strategic change was twofold:  (1) expand and diversify its commercial developments (office, light industrial, retail and apartment developments) and (2) continue its residential developments only if extraordinary land acquisition opportunities could be found. Today, the company is actively involved in projects throughput the Southwest States.

Various affiliate companies were formed to achieve the company’s new development goals, as well as offer related development services:

  •  J & F Construction, which holds an unlimited general contracting license, to serve as a general contractor on all commercial projects.
  •  Juliet Property Company, which holds an unlimited general contracting license, to serve as a general contractor on residential projects.
  •  Juliet Realty Group, a licensed real estate and property management company, to perform brokerage and property management services.

Since 1997 the company has developed, constructed, and managed over 2.5 million square feet of retail, industrial, and office properties, and more than 3,000 multi-family units.  Juliet has become one of the largest commercial real estate developers in Southern Nevada and is currently involved in a number of high profile commercial developments.  Looking to the future, JULIET COMPANIES stands poised to continue its record of success with the addition of several new development opportunities and partnerships.